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Breaktime News The Iqaluit BREAKTIME NEWS is a Free weekly publication
designed to entertain the public in waiting areas, coffee shops,
and restaurants while serving the advertising needs of local
businesses. It contains funny (and clean) jokes, quirky stories,
amazing facts, trivia questions, an inuktitut word translation, horoscopes, inspirational quote, recipe, trading post for
buying/selling used items, and a listing of local entertainment.
Everything in it is fun, entertaining, and positive - No bad news!

The Iqaluit BREAKTIME NEWS began on May 1, 2004 and has
received an overwhelming positive response from readers. It can
be seen in over 30 locations each week.
Affordable and Effective! Advertising rates start at just $24.50
per week.
Get your message heard in Iqaluit’s “Good news” paper!

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Fax 902-827-4168
Breaktime News :: Email us Bret the Bears location for a chance to win
this weeks prize

:: krista@brickyardentertainment.com

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